COVID-19 Update

Our Commitment to Your Health, Safety, & Enjoyment

At Garden Island Properties, it has always been our top commitment to provide guests with excellent customer service and the highest standards of care.  We are very grateful for the trust and continued support given to us throughout the 28 plus years that we have been in the hospitality business. 


Now that we are living in a new age with COVID-19, we are taking steps to educate and equip our staff with the necessary tools to prepare for guest arrivals.  We want our guests to know that their health, safety, and enjoyment are of utmost priority as we continue to navigate through the new standards of global hospitality. 


We are committed to elevating our cleanliness and hospitality standards by implementing cleaning and disinfecting guidelines as well as infection prevention and advice provided by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).



QUARANTINE:  There is currently a mandatory 5-day quarantine for all persons entering the State of Hawaii. 


HOW TO AVOID QUARANTINE/PRE-TRAVEL TESTING PROGRAM:  Trans-Pacific Travelers who, upon entry into the state, provide written confirmation from a state approved COVID-19 testing facility of a negative test result from a test administered to the traveler within 72-hours from the final leg of departure, will be exempt from the mandatory quarantine.  Tests are only accepted from Trusted Testing and Travel Partners.  Travelers wishing to bypass the mandatory quarantine must have their negative COVID-19 test results – from a trusted testing partner – prior to departure to the State of Hawaiʻi.  If test results are not available before boarding the final leg of the trip, the traveler must quarantine for 5-days or the length of the stay, whichever is shorter.

INTERNATIONAL TRAVELERS:  Exempt from Safe Travels. Please follow the CDC travel guidelines.


Beginning July 8, the State of Hawaii will launch a vaccine exception program.  In lieu of negative test results, US travelers may upload one of three vaccination documents to their Safe travels Hawaii account, prior to traveling to Hawaii: 

  • A CDC COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card
  • VAMS (Vaccination Administration Management System) printout OR
  • DOD DD Form 2766C


IMPORTANT HAWAII TRAVEL LINKS- For details on Hawaii Travel Resources related to:



HAWAI'I SAFE TRAVELS ACCOUNT, please CLICK HERE.  This is a mandatory State of Hawaii Travel and Health Form. 



INTER-COUNTY UPDATE (KAUA'I): Beginning June 15, 2021, all restrictions for inter-county travel will end.



FACE COVERING REQUIREMENT:  Face coverings are not required outdoors.    The indoor mask mandate remains in place. CLICK HERE for more details.                                                          


Please feel free to contact our office with any specific questions or concerns and we would be happy to assist you!


*Information currently for U.S. Travelers Only.  For information on Japan Travel CLICK HERE.  Subject to Change based on Hawaii State Law.

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